A Day In The Life

Ashleigh Jeter

It’s funny how life can change in just one year. 

The first time I moved to LA was in 2010. I had a dream of being a fashion stylist, you know, the kind you see styling all the big-name celebrities on the red carpet. I immediately started attracting the people I needed to know. I figured, if I worked really hard and kept the integrity of my name, then things would all pan out. I thought about each person I wanted to work with and set out to accomplish great things. I worked with recording artists Ciara and Amerie, singer and songwriter Timothy Bloom, and NFL Safety Antoine Bethea. I was on top of the world. In 2012, I relaunched my website, UberChic Closet, and I went from selling vintage items to wholesale fashion accessories and clothing. By 2013, I grossed over $80,000 in sales, and this was just working on it part-time. 

I worked so hard, did pop-up shops and collaborated with other young, smart entrepreneurs. I told myself that even if I made a mistake or hit a bump in the road, I would be transparent and always offer great customer service. By the end of 2013, I started working with Ariana Grande as her Wardrobe Manager. I hired an assistant to ensure that everything about my online boutique ran smoothly while I was on the road. But I will tell you this: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BRAND LIKE YOU DO. If you leave the essence of your brand in someone else's hands, it becomes their vision, but they might or might not care enough to make sure everything runs the way you want it too. In my case, the business suffered. I abandoned my vision in favor of chasing after something else for the experience and the look. 

After nine months of working with Ariana, my contract ended abruptly (that’s just the way it is in the music industry), and I came home to a business that basically had been abandoned. Trying to repair my business, which I treated like a part-time gig behind my personal life, became a huge challenge. I sunk into what I would later learn was depression. I visited my cousin in Dallas, and what was supposed to be a week-long trip turned into an 18-month stay. But I took that time to creatively rebuild myself. Every day, I would put in hours upon hours of just brainstorming. Then, one morning I woke up and decided I was ready. I packed up my life in Dallas and headed back to LA with one goal in mind... TO WIN!

Here I am, rebranding myself and starting a whole new journey... 

Stay Tuned xoxo