Constant Reminder

Ashleigh Jeter

Most of my followers know already but if you don’t... I lost my Mom in February, it’s still so fresh and new. I received such amazing prayers and daily reminders from friends and my social outreaches... one person in particular told me to start journaling, and no matter what it looked like and even if the words didn’t form complete sentences just jot them down... I started journaling a week after losing my Mom, 2 weeks later I went back and read what I wrote. It was amazing to see how those random thoughts and words started to heal me. That following day I went to pick up merchandise for my online boutique  #Leighchalice and I found these amazing bracelets that literally were my words from my random journaling. I realized it was a perfect fit for #Leighchalice and I had to share.  

perfect for gifts to friends  

perfect collectibles and to wear stacked  


“CONSTANT REMINDER” bracelets are now available on www.leighchalice.com


Rest In Paradise Mommy ❤️ 

Oh So Faux

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I decided to launch my site with my very 1st Jewelry collection "Oh So Faux" ... Because finding fashion jewelry is hard. At least the kind I think is worth spending money on. I would find myself running into stores like Forever 21, or H&M for those quick cute pieces for $9.90, but after 2-3 times wearing them they would tarnish so bad I had no choice but to throw them away. Now granted the price point is equivalent to how many times you can get real use out of the pieces, but when you are constantly having to buy new pieces to replace the last pieces that can become frustrating. I told myself I wanted to showcase jewelry that you can get months of wear out of, that made a statement, was feminine yet bold, and had a decent price point for the quality.  

I curated this collection based off what my wardrobe was lacking and what my eye was drawn to. Keeping in mind transitional pieces that you can wear with a white tee shirt and jeans, or to an event with a cocktail dress. I purchased my 1st piece to test out the quality of the mental back in May 2017, telling myself I would wear it all summer and see how it held up. I was amazed that after 6 months the tarnishing is minimal and not once did my finger turn green. The metal I decided to use is all hypoallergenic. The type of metals vary from stainless steel, brass to silver plated. 

Check out my collection of "Oh So Faux" jewelry by clicking shop at the top of the page. 

Leigh Chalice 

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